Studio Bara

︎︎︎ Blegdamsvej, Interior Transformation, January 2022

︎ Location: Østerbro, Copenhagen
︎ Size: 57 sqm
︎ Building Year: 1979
︎ Floor: 2nd
︎ Balcony: Yes
︎ Elevator: Yes

︎ Price on Purchase: 3.250.000 kr.

This apartment transformation on Blegdamsvej has been special thanks to its very central location close to the Fælledparken and the Sortedams Sø.

The main objective of the proposal was to optimise the existing bathroom layout and remove the unnecessary space in the bedroom located behind the bathroom. The apartment has been through a radical transformation, all interior walls have been removed and the result is a compact 3-room apartment with a living area enlarged by a newly built south balcony.