Studio Bara

We are a small team of architects dedicated to influencing people’s lives through unique and functional living spaces.

The organization and layout of the apartment are more important than its size. We guide you while choosing your home, with the future opportunities of the property in mind.

Service includes:

- Programming
- Real Estate Offer Research
- Layout Alternatives
- 2D Drawings and Sketches
- Apartment Seeing Advising
- Physical and Online Meetings

We design living spaces, improved in their efficiency, with every square meter carefully redefined for the specific needs of its inhabitants.

Service includes:

- Unique Design Concept
- Programming
- Room Planning
- 2D Drawings and Sketches
- Computer 3D Modelling
- Color, Material and Lighting Selection
- Selection of Interior Elements
- 3D Visualizations
- Interior Elevations
- Physical and Online Meetings
- Cost Estimate

The renovation is an intensive and costly process requiring much decision-making. We take you through all the different phases of your home renovation. We carry the solution through to completion with the Design & Build project delivery method.

Service includes:

- Technical Documentation
- Contractor and Manufacturer Choice
- Budgeting
- Project Timeline
- Permitting & Construction Documentation
- Project Realization
- Author’s Supervision