Studio Bara

︎︎︎ Østerbrogade, Interior Transformation, February 2022

︎ Location: Østerbro, Copenhagen
︎ Size: 69 sqm
︎ Building Year: 1938
︎ Floor: 1st
︎ Balcony: No
︎ Elevator: Yes

︎ Price on Purchase: 2.995.000 kr.
︎ Renovation Price: 600.000 kr.
︎ Post-renovation Value: 3.950.000 kr.

Set within the Østerbro neighborhood in Copenhagen, the layout of this recently purchased apartment was not suiting the needs of young owners who often work from home.

They were demanding a spare room in the apartment that serves as office space and an open kitchen connected to the living area.

This gave us the possibility to rethink the necessity of having the kitchen detached from the living space, as seen in many apartments in Copenhagen.

The result is an interior transformation centered around improving visual connections in the apartment. The kitchen is relocated into the living room and the office is created instead of the kitchen.

The usable space is maximized thanks to bespoke kitchen and cabinetry with oak veneer as the dominant material. The oakwood flooring and the use of neutral colors create a warm, elegant, and timeless atmosphere in this apartment.