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KNG - The Kongsgården Illustration

art, illustration, print, graphic design



risograph print

This illustration represents four figures of Denmark – Kongsgård farm, Nyhavn waterfront, National Bank, and Copenhagen harbour. The main figure of the illustration is Kongsgård farm as a representative of home, Danish family life, and countryside. The motive of the farm is followed by Nyhavn waterfront and its canal as a remarkable symbol of Copenhagen and the National Bank from Arne Jacobsen as an icon of Danish modern architecture. Its extraordinary marble facade is emphasised by gold metallic color. These three motives are complemented by a little remark of a Copenhagen harbour bath.


The illustration was printed out on risograph - an unknown and almost abandoned Japanese printing machine. The print is made with only four colours, based on soy ink and their color combinations made by their mixtures. Every color is printed separately, which causes small irregularities and gives each print its own unique characteristics.


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