KOT - Vacation House for 4

architecture, housing, vacation house

Bara Strelcova




project type:
vacation house

project area:
107 m²

in progress

The cottage for four, with its exceptional views to the nature, is located on a small sloped field in a new leisure house area near Kotrčiná Lúčka, Slovakia. The cottage is located in the east part of the field, while the rest of the field is used as a garden and profits from the afternoon light. The main entrance and the space for parking is therefore naturally oriented towards east. The house responds to the topography and the main entrance is located below the level of the adjacent road.


The house layout benefits from the unique natural environment. The design concept is a play with different room levels, their level of intimacy and the views from them.

The core of the house is a spacious dining room with kitchen and a high ceiling. The living room has a leisure function, panoramic glazing overlooking the surroundings and thanks to its lower ceiling height also significantly different atmosphere from the kitchen and the dining area. These two rooms are separated by a built-in piece of furniture. The whole space thus remains open and airy, but the living part has a different degree of intimacy.


The cottage is naturally divided into a day and a night part. In the attic space, a room for two boys, a bedroom and a bathroom are located. The staircase leading to the second floor is open, thus connecting the main hallway with the living room. The aim of the proposal is to eliminate classic staircase solution that serves only for transport between floors. Transition from the ground floor to the second floor leads through the interior of the house, the user thus must go through all the levels and experience the atmosphere of each space.


The top part of the house has only a residential function, the technical facilities of the cottage are located in the basement. This hierarchy is also noticeable on the facade and the basement is visibly distinguished from the rest of the house. The overall layout solution brings privacy and provides views to the nature and the surrounding country while keeping the inhabitants detached from the road and the neighbours.


The construction materials and the material of the interior elements are an important part of the design. Exposed wooden beams and wooden window frames are complemented by a white plaster on the walls. The floor in the kitchen and dining area is designed as a cast concrete floor, the floor in the living room and bedrooms is wooden. The built-in furniture are from oak veneer.


The layout of the house is based on a single grid of 1x1 meter, which also transcribes to the black wooden facade cladding. The roof is covered in a dark grey fiber cement roofing. The dark facade cladding is in contrast with light brown window frames. The facade of the house is completed with window shutters that create different zones on the terrace when the house is in use and have a protective function when unused.


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