MAS - Transformation of the Neografia factory

architecture, urban planning, transformation

master thesis project

Martin, Slovakia


project type:


City centre. Pedestrian zone. Main city axis. Vajanského square and the area of the old printing factory Neografia on the north end of it. City hall, cultural centre Strojár, shopping centre Fix. Fontaine, kiosks, trees. High-rise building. Dominant and closed, impassable area around it. Island with the industrial history in the middle of the city.


The old printing factory Neografia is closed and its buildings are mostly unused. In my project, I am removing the sediments of the past decades from the area. I am taking down storages, garages and parasite buildings and only keeping five of the original buildings. The old production hall is exposed as the new central object within the factory. I introduce new functions into the factory area, together with two new buildings. The objective is to transform the monofunctional block into a vibrant polyfunctional hub. The factory is made accessible to pedestrians that ensures interaction with the adjacent Vajanského Square, where I propose to place cultural functions.


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