SEN - City Hall in Senec

architecture, public building, competition price-winner

Lennox Architekti

Senec, Slovakia


project type:
architectural competition

competition price-winner

The assignment of the architectural competition was to extend the building of the city hall in Senec, Slovakia. The current building had an insufficient layout and energy concept. We are emphasising the creation of a compendious, well-arranged and transparent administrative department with space for meeting people and space for democracy.


Our proposal is based on a strict division of functions into specific objects. The existing object of the city hall from the 1930s is purified into its architectural basis and it is aimed to be a place for political representation of the city hall. The middle part, which is connecting the old city hall and the new administrative building is aimed to be an open customer service centre. The new object in the back of the site is designed as a modern, administrative building for effective state administration.


In the ground floor, the reception and hall for weddings, meetings of the government or other small cultural events can be found. In between the objects, there is an intimate, calm yard for visitors of the city hall, for wedding visitors, but for the public as well.


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